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  1. 实验室研究了该解堵剂的溶垢能力、提高渗透率性能、动态洗油效果以及对油管钢的腐蚀性能,介绍了BRJ-9604解堵剂在河南油田T437井和J7-145井的应用。

  Performance evaluations such as resolving scale, improving water-phase permeability, washing off crude oil and corrosiveness of the agent on tubing steel are studied experimentally. Practical application is introduced in T437 and J7-145 wells of Henan oilfield.

  2. 与传统的磁方位测量方法和框架式陀螺测量系统的比较结果表明,该系统克服了磁方位测量方法在套管,钻杆,油管以及在磁干扰地层中测定方位时存在的问题,其测量精度优于框架陀螺系统。

  Comparison of the SISS with the others shows that the SISS solved the problem of conventional magnetic azimuthal surveying method in ferromagnetic casing tubing drill stem or magnetic formation and its measurement precision is better than that of frame gyroscopes surveying system.

  3. 部分描绘以上,将制造由各类黄铜棒,油管和床单,在除了celtec和氯丁橡胶软管。

  The parts depicted above will be manufactured from assorted brass rods, tubing and sheets in addition to Celtec and neoprene hose.

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  4. 公司的产品包括:Ingersoll-Rand、FS、SuIIair、Atlas copco、Hanshin、ANDEROL、AUGUST、WOYO、CompAir、LIUTECH、KAESER、SCREW、MATTEI、HANIBELL、PUMA、IWATA、KOBELCO、HITACHI、Linghein、GANEY、WOLF、ECOAIR、ASK、MITSUISEKI、Enric、RC、ROTORCOMP、BOGE空气过滤器、油过滤器、最小压力阀、油细分离器、观油镜、卸荷阀、放空阀、精密过滤器、机头轴封、进气阀、电磁阀、消音器、高低压油管、自动排水器、分冷及水冷,冷却器、疏水阀、进气阀气缸、膜片、传感器、AB接触器、温控阀、螺旋阀、压缩机专用油、单向阀、断油阀、压缩机积碳清洗剂、大修轴承等各大品牌压缩机配件及后处理设备,同时销售通用机械、工程机械、掘进机械、动力机械、矿山机械及零配件。

  The companys products include: Ingersoll-Rand, FS, SuIIair, Atlas copco, Hanshin, ANDEROL, AUGUST, WOYO, CompAir, LIUTECH, KAESER, SCREW, MATTEI, HANIBELL, PUMA, IWATA, KOBELCO, HITACHI, Linghein, GANEY, WOLF, ECOAIR, ASK, MITSUISEKI, Enric, RC, ROTORCOMP, BOGE air filters, oil filters, the smallest pressure valve, oil separation small, oil-concept, unloading valve, emptying valve, 精密过滤器, nose seal, Intake valve, solenoid valves, silencers, high and low voltage lines, automatic drainage, and cold-water-cooled, coolers, trap, the intake valve cylinder, patch, sensors, AB contact, Wen Kongfa, spiral valve, Compressors for oil, one-way valve, off oil valves, compressors carbon deposition cleaning agent, overhaul and other major brand bearing compressor accessories and after-processing equipment, while sales of general machinery, engineering machinery, tunneling machinery, power machinery, mining Machinery and spare parts.

  5. 果卵球形,在合生面背压扁,缢缩的稍;背侧和中间棱丝状的,谭洋侧棱不明显,表面无毛或具柔毛;油管1-2或者3-6在每棱槽,2或者4-8在合生面上。

  Fruit ovoid, slightly dorsally compressed, constricted at the commissure; dorsal and intermediate ribs filiform, lateral ribs obscure, surface glabrous or pilose; vittae 1–2 or 3–6 in each furrow, 2 or 4–8 on commissure.

  6. 放风筝制动油管和督导向上一旦它出水面。

  Release the brake lines and steer the kite upward once its out of the water.

  7. 当泵首次启动时,齿轮的旋转迫使空气离开壳体进入排油管。

  When the pump is first started, rotation of gears forces air out the casing and into the discharge pipe.

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  8. 小苞片全缘。果油管1(-2)在每棱槽,在合生面2。

  Bracteoles entire; fruit vittae 1(–2) in each furrow, 2 on the commissure.

  9. 叶的末回裂片线形,全缘;果油管每棱槽1,在合生面上2。1 Peucedanum elegans 刺尖前胡

  Ultimate segments of leaves linear, entire; fruit vittae 1 in each furrow, 2 on commissure.

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  10. 活性碳罐和低渗透性油管也于同年通过美国CARB和EPA的认证,成为国内第一家获得美国CARB和EPA证书的内资企业,填补了国内行业空白。

  Activated carbon tank and low permeation fuel hose Get the Certificate of CARB (California Air Resources Environmental Protection Agency) and EPA (U. S. Environmental Protection Agency) in the same year. SO Rewin becoming the first domestic enterprises with these certificates. TO fill the domestic industry field`s blank.

  11. 果线状长圆形,侧面扁平,合生面狭窄,无毛;棱5,钝,有时不明显;分果爿在横断面里近圆柱状的;油管每棱槽1,在合生面上2。

  Fruit linear-oblong, flattened laterally, commissural surface narrow, glabrous; ribs 5, obtuse, sometimes inconspicuous; mericarps subterete in cross section; vittae 1 in each furrow, 2 on commissure.

  12. 为了弄清气井腐蚀原因,在对油管进行管材失效分析和室内模拟试验的基础上,应用灰色理论中的灰关联分析方法对中原油田现场实测的腐蚀环境数据进行了相关处理,分析了影响气井油管腐蚀的主要因素并探讨了其腐蚀规律。

  In order to find out the cause of gas well corrosion, the correlative processing of corrosion environment data measured at well site in Zhongyuan oil field was done by use of the grey association analysis method in grey theory on the basis of the material failure analysis and indor simulation test of tubing.

  13. 井下节流技术将井下节流器置于油管某一适当位置来实现井筒节流降压,并充分利用地热对油管内流体加热,使节流后气流温度高于节流后压力条件下的水合物形成初始温度,从而达到降低地面管线压力,取消地面加热保温装置、降低气井开采成本的目的。

  Downhole throttling technology is to adjust downhole pressure through installing the throttle valve in an appropriate position on the tube. The gas flowing through the throttle valve is heated up by the geotherm and the conditions of gas hydrate formation are changed, so as to effectively prevent gas hydrate formation, decrease transportation pipeline pressure, eliminate attemperator, and reduce the cost of gas production.

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  14. 你需要油管一路2直径。

  Youll want tubing all the way up to 2 dia.

  15. 在另一个村庄,拿了一枚帽针来疏通油管。

  At another village, a hatpin was used to 8unblock a 9fuel 10pipe.

  16. 主要产品切割平带、齿形带、多楔带、正时皮带、联组带、空调皮带、风扇皮带、水泵皮带、发动机皮带、标准硅胶管、涡轮增压器管、冷却管、中冷器管、暖气管、气管、水箱管、油管、上水管、下水管、钢丝管等。

  Main products:cutting v-belt, cogged v-belt, ribbed belt, timing belt, banded v-belt, air conditioner belt, fan belt, water pump belt, alternator belt, standard silicone hose, turbo charge silicone hose, charge air cooler hose, heater hose, air hose, oil hose, water tank hose, fuel hose, lower radiator hose, up radiator hose and so on.

  17. 这是由拉都很难制动油管,即如果你用办理。

  This is done by pulling on both brake lines hard, that is if you are using handles.

  18. 果长圆形到宽卵球形,侧面稍扁平,无毛,通常具多数,发亮;棱突出和锐尖,有时波状,鸡冠状或狭翅;油管1(-3)在每棱槽,2(或者4或者6)在合生面上。

  Fruit oblong to broad-ovoid, slightly flattened laterally, glabrous, often with numerous, shining tubercules; ribs prominent and acute, sometimes undulate, cristate or narrowly winged; vittae 1(–3) in each furrow, 2(or 4 or 6) on commissure.

  19. 你可以看到,几种不同的油管大小的使用,给他们圆锥看看。

  As you can see, several different tubing sizes were used to give them the tapered look.

  20. 我计划在编造我的水管和监测,从PVC和黄铜油管,胶管,celtec ,黄铜棒和几个螺丝钉。

  I plan to fabricate my plumbing and monitors from PVC and brass tubing, hose, Celtec, brass rod and several screws.